Team 174 - 2013 Robot Reveal

We planned on posting this for Mike & Justin’s show, however due to the massive influx of videos they have been receiving, 174 opted to reveal our robot the old fashioned way to let other teams be shown.

In the video, I go over the basic systems and highlight the parts of our robot you’ll be wanting to know about. You’ll also get a little introduction from one of 174’s new mentors, Matt Starke.

Here it is, The Arctic Warriors 2013 robot reveal video:

Any comments or thoughts are welcome. I also have specs prepared so anyone in need of some scouting data pre-FLR or pre-Buckeye can let me know.

… I don’t even.

Wow coolest crab drive ever!

I think I’ll be the first to say it:

This robot is going to win every single match it is in and be the best robot of the year hands down.

Awesome video btw

See you at FLR… and Buckeye!

you’re not fooling me! that’s not a real crab drive…that’s a plush crab drive! …that makes this WAY more intimidating…

Crap, we forgot the minibot this year! Can we borrow one?

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Hahahaha totally awesome!!!

Wow. A crab drive, photon cannon, minibot, and a hand to high five alliance partners. That’s gonna be a tough bot to beat, maybe you guys pick us again like last year? Please?

Great video work Evan! I am looking forward to many more years with 174 creating great robot designs!

That robot is beautiful. Why didn’t we think of an actuating hockey stick?
PS: You should have included a tennis racket for your shooter.

On an unrelated note, Evan may have a future selling Sham-WOWs. :rolleyes:

I need to get a headset.