Team 1741 2008 bot video

We finally finished. Loving the pneumatic systems.](

Slick and simple! Our engineering academy does Project Lead the Way as well; did they help your team somehow?

sweet bot guys

I’d say that about 60% of the students on the club are taking PLTW classes, but the program really didn’t do anything special for us. We are having real trouble finding a teacher sponsor and we figured PLTW would be sure shot, but it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure we will be okay next year but I’m still a little worried.

Same here. I’m in the first class to graduate from PLTW and from what I have learned from FIRST, I’ve actually taught the engineering teachers a thing or two:cool:

Hey very nice robot guys.

Just a quick update.

After a rocky start in the morning on thursday we have performed great at St.Louis. Since putting our actual drivers in the last few matches have been great. We scored at least 35 points the last 6 runs of the day. We are very happy with the robot (named Thaddeus).

Thanks for the support,