Team 1746 Chairman's Video

My team asked me to throw together a video for the chairman’s award presentation.
We didn’t win, but let me know what you think :).


That is freakin’ awesome.

First time I have looked at a RCA video, are they always this cool?

That was just about the most amazing thing I have ever seen on Youtube. That animation is almost flawless and you point is shown visually. Good job 1746! Keep up the good work!

rsisk: Thanks! And does RCA stand for regional chairmans award?

Ricki E.: Thank you! I appreciate it!


Awesome video I like the automization video too. that was amazing. Love it. What software was it on? For the automation one.


RCA = Regional Chairman’s Award
EIA = Engineering Inspiration Award

A couple of TLA’s for the awards that I am aware of.

chris, that was absurdly good. now for a fork trick please…

Awesome video. What did you use to create the effects?

I second that request !

I’ve never seen FIRST teams create such a high quality video, i’m awestruck. Great job

This was created by our Animation Team Captain.
He used Adobe After-Effects for the video, plus some 3-D animation, photoshop an Audacity for the audio.

The irony here is this is the kid that started our team 4 years ago, but he has never touched the robot. Got hooked on the 3-d animation stuff via the Autodesk competitions and has never looked back.

He was even accepted into college for 3-D animation a year early …

The wide variety of opportunities FIRST offers our students never ceases to amaze me …

This video was awesomee :slight_smile:
Great job!

Thank you all for the positive feedback.

The majority of the effects were created in after effects, while a select few were done in 3d(brick wall, umbrella, first symbol, etc.). Photoshop was used to create a couple icons(the elementary schools on the chart, etc.) and for textures on the 3d models.

Santosh: I’m getting forks for Palmetto :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you again for the positive feedback!


Really really cool video & very professional looking!! All the effects are really clean and it shows how much hard work was put into this!! It just shows what kind of work our high school students can do when they really put their minds to it! Im guessing your animation will go far this year!!