Team 1751 New Field

We had a member that made a scaled k’nex model of this years playing field. Check it! (complete with robot!) :smiley:

I love K’nex! Great job on that, very ingenious idea!

That is SWEET

Neat. Thumps up, on my part.

one of our freshmen ended up bringing in a huge collection of random K’Nex pieces and threw it together in an hour with one of our seniors.

He took it apart the next day becuase the actual rack moves, and his doesnt, and soon we will post pics of the new one that rocks back and forth like the actual rack.

That is Amazing! Takes WAY too much patience for Me though. ^^;; I never really had a good grasp with K’Nex

haha THAT ROBOT IS HUGE!!! (compared to ring size:p )

Woo! We’re not the only one’s that use K-nex