Team 1751 presents "Carl"

Here it is - we’re proud to present Carl the robot!

  • Brecoflex treads, 2 CIMs per side, approx. 24:1 reduction from motors using ToughBoxes and sprockets
  • Fits under tunnel
  • Climbs bump easily (but crashes down hard!)
  • Center of gravity about 8" above the ground - basically untippable
  • Lifts itself at end of game, with bar for alliance partner to hang from (bar not shown in pictures)
  • Kicker: this is our withholding allowance - to be determined…

And, just for laughs, a subset of our bill of materials:

  • 2 Poland Spring water bottles
  • Door latch
  • Two vertical blinds support rails (ripped out from a house being remodeled)
  • Tape measure

Questions/comments welcome.


Team 1350 has been known to use:
-Skis (2008)
-propel bottles (2009)
-windsurfer booms (2007)
-??? (2010)