Team 176 Aces High goes to Atlanta: The movie

Some of the guys on our team had a bit of spare time, and coupled with their boredom and a handycam, they made us our 2009 season Atlanta Championships movie. It is in two parts.

The first movie is us leaving the high school, getting on the bus to the airport, chilling at the airport, boarding the plane, landing, arriving in Atlanta, traveling to the Omni, and finding food.

The second part is our scouters leaving Thursday morning, watching matches, and going to Robo Prom.

For now, that’s all we’ve uploaded. Stay tuned for Friday matches, and alliances picks on Archimedes on Saturday, followed by us seeding 11th and for the first time in a number of years not getting picked (oh well), but then amazingly coming back into play with the Holy Cows, and Spartonics, to finish up in the division semi finals. Enjoy :smiley:

Who was that who wanted to kick over our cow? :frowning:

Good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to tackle your mascot, for kicks :slight_smile:


That was probably Cosmo Lynch (the camera man), or Sawyer, who was in the cheering squad. I apologize for the urge to cow tip lol. We talked about it when we met your team in the hot tub Wednesday night.