Team 1768 Reveal 2016

Team 1768 is proud to release our 2016 robot.

We are excited to be competing at WPI, Rhode Island, and Boston!

Looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see it in person at Boston. Good luck at WPI and Rhode Island!

Nice job guys!
Can’t wait to see it in action this weekend

I didn’t think I could see a more pocketed robot after yours from last year, but this takes lightening to a whole new level. Very impressed, good luck this year!

Great robot! We eliminated the curved shooter idea a little too early in our design process, as we thought that we could have either a curved shooter, or go under the low bar. A lot of teams went for a simple “flip-down” approach, but I think you have a much more elegant design, and you have the ability to vary your shot range based on how far the curve extends upwards. I applaud you, and good luck at WPI and Rhode Island!

You guys were fantastic last year and I expect nothing but great things from you this year. Best of luck, I hope to see you in Hartford!

Wow! This is a very, very impressive machine! Best of luck to you guys this weekend at WPI! Can’t wait to see it at Rhode Island and Boston up close!

Awesome robot! Missed my chance to see it last Sunday but can’t wait to see it this weekend!

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Looks like another great robot… best of luck this year!

I love it! Are the center 4 wheels dropped for turning? And if so, how much?

Yes, we used a 1/4" drop and are currently running all 8 wheels at 30 psi. We may drop the pressure in the outer 4 wheels to help out a little with crossing the defenses, but this configuration has been working well for us.

We try. I have to say that the waterjet is a little nicer than our hole saw from last year…

Sounds like a plan! We can’t thank you enough for letting us use your field elements, it was really helpful.

1768 was one of the best kept secrets of New England in 2015, despite their phenomenal robot. It looks even better this year! Good luck this season!

I LOVE the pocketing! Good luck guys!