Team 177 - Bobcat Robotics

I’m not really sure how I want to word this, so it may be somewhat seat of the pants :wink: but I wanted to let an incredible team know how much they mean to me.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m from MA - though my listed team is from CT. I found myself at the end of 2000 having outgrown my high school team - no longer feeling like I really belonged there. But it was 177 that took me even even at the NE Regional and Nationals in 2000, a place where I felt at home completely and totally.

I doubt anyone really knows or understands just how much they mean to me, but I have to thank Tom, Eric, Jesse, Julia, Kirsten, Mr Mo, Mr Betts, PJ, and the entire team for giving me the most incredible season ever, and for even just a short while, a place to truly belong. If ever FIRST had an influence on someone, my time with the Bobcats has changed me for life. Perhaps if I’m lucky I can come back one day to give back what you have all given to me.

~ lora