Team 177 CAD Team Video

This is a video done by one of team 177 students(Jelly). It sums up are year as a cad team, and explains a little about how we went along creating are submission. Click on the 2007 CAD video link in the lower right of the screen.

The direct feed link is Google video messed up the video a little.

Enjoy and post some comments!

Matthew Pietkevich FRC177

This is so awesome, I completely understand your issue with the RAM problem. Our team had the same problem last year, but this year our school donated a workstation so that we wouldn’t have any more problems, which was great :slight_smile: . Your submission was great it is a shame that it didn’t make it to the top 5, but you guys obviously have the skill so keep up the great work. Again great idea, very entertaining to watch!

very cool!

we have the RAM problem too, I guess our school has the same computers as in the videos :stuck_out_tongue: I couldn’t even render the robot at the playing field. In the end I was bringing my home pc to school, but it didn’t helped much

There was a issue when we submitted are submission, so are website never got judged. I really like FIRSTbase, however when you send 10 emails and get no reply backs, you know somethings not right. Thanks for the comments, it really means a lot to hear some good words, from other teams.

That’s really a shame. Still great job!

I’m not 100% sure about this but I beleive that 103 actually crashed their super computer (7 proc) trying to render the complete robot. props to T-Day and the team on that, I only ever crashed 2 proc comps in my day.


I’m not even mad, that’s impressive.