Team 1775 Tigerbytes 2012 Robot

Well, on the night of Stop Day, before we were going to bag and tag our robot, we decided to test it on the bridge. Unfortunately, our robot was too top heavy! Every way we tried to board the bridge, it would fall (but our mentors caught it!) So at 7:30pm Central time, we made a last minute decision to cut a foot and a half off from the elevator and the support bars. With only five student members and two adult mentors, we covered the electronics and sawed off a foot and a half of the Polycarbonate elevator and aluminum bars. We stayed late and two of the five members left during the surgery of our robot. So at around 10:30pm, we finished it! Now our bot boards perfectly without signs of tipping.
We hope to see you guys out at the Greater KC Regional on March 2nd and 3rd!