Team 178 2014 Build: Week 2

Since the link has yet to show up on my previous thread, I will also post the link here.

It was quite a busy week for the Enforcers. Prototypes were refined, we did a mock up of what could be our final design, and we burned a Pi. Find out how below

Week 2: Lights, Catapult, Test Bot, ACTION!

To those that view this thread I have a question. The link for our week 2 video has just appeared on the older thread. My intent was to continually update that thread as each video is posted on our team Youtube page. However, with my current status as a relatively new face to CD some of my posts might take a little longer to be approved.

Should I continue updating the old thread or create a new one for each video?

Just for the sake of forum cleanliness it would probably be best if you post the videos in your first thread.