Team 178 Dream First Conference

hello teams,
Team 178 has announced an official date and time for the First conference.
It is January 15th from 7-8 pm EST. We will let you know as soon as the site is up so interested teams can RSVP.
Hope to see you all there!
The enforcers

Any more details? What exactly is this going to be?

It will be a Web Conference for teams interested in the organization Dream FIRST started by Team 178.
Part of the Dream FIRST organization is a children’s book that was published. You can check it out on at this link
All FIRST teams are invited, and ways to incorporate the Dream FIRST initiative will be discussed along with potential Dream FIRST outreach events.
It will be January 15th 7-8 PM EST, and hope to see you there.
The Enforcers

The web conference will be 1/30 from 7-8 pm. Sorry for the confusion.
The following was posted in User Announcements.

Hi Teams,

 I know this is a busy time but Team 178 from Farmington, CT wants an hour of time from one person on as many other teams as possible.  We have developed an award winning science literacy initiative called Dream FIRST which is designed to capture the interest and excitement of young children (ages 5 -10).  Dream FIRST centers around a series of children's books and science activities which our team has created.  Through Dream FIRST, children are introduced to the ideals of FIRST in a developmentally appropriate medium. Our team has run Dream FIRST events of varying size and scale at venues ranging from local libraries to an FRC regional to Girl Scout camps to inner city elementary schools.  The events typically include: reading, science experiments, Lego activities, face painting, driving VEX robots, and more.  The response to these events has been overwhelmingly positive.  Our team's goal for this year and beyond is to inspire and assist other FRC (and FLL) teams to run Dream FIRST events of their own.  Dream FIRST has been officially endorsed by FIRST.  Through Dream FIRST events, our team has brought FIRST to over 1500 children. With your help, we can all reach many many more.

 Our web conference will explain the benefits to your team that come from running a Dream FIRST event, how we can help, and what the end results of Dream FIRST can be (i.e. sparking new JFLL and FLL teams).  Please have someone from your team join us on Wednesday January 30th, from 7 - 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Visit to register!!!

Thanks and good luck with your build season!


Tim Barron
Co-Head Coach
Team 178
The 2nd Law Enforcers
Farmington High School
UTC Otis Elevator/ebmpast, Inc./UTC Sikorsky
[email protected]