Team 1787 robot reveal


This is going to be a very competitive robot at GPR. Also, love the intake.

Looks good! I’ll definitely be watching you guys at Miami Valley and we’ll see each other in Pittsburgh!

thanks can’t wait till pittsburgh

Absolutely love this Hatch Panel intake mechanism, and nearly knocked myself out by hitting my forehead when I first saw. Just ingenious.

I do have one concern though: does it retract within the frame perimeter at the beginning (or any other part) of the match? It seems as if it’s hanging over the bumpers and permanently affixed in that position.

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it flips out and in using a window motor

That hatch panel mechanism is AMAZING! Definitely my favorite so far by a wide margin!

That’s absolutely beautiful. Love the bot! Good luck to you guys this year!

I’d also like to add that we are going after the level 3 climb, but are testing it on our practice bot during this down time before Miami. We spent our build season on all of the other mechanisms, but now we get to refine our climb!

Your hatch panel mechanism is gorgeous! If I’m looking at it correctly, the linear slide is unpowered and tensioned to center with surgical tubing, right?

Can’t wait to see your take on the L3 climb!

Thats exactly right! I’ll have to take some pictures of the robot and upload them to our site/imgur or something like that.

This robot looks AWESOME. Looking forward to seeing you all at MVR!

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