Team 180 2019 Poor Man's Scouting System

Here is the 2019 release of Team 180’s Poor Man’s Scouting System.

The Poor Man’s Scouting System is offered for teams who want to scout, but have more team members than money. It is easy to setup and run.

This year, we’ve created a Google Sheets version that should have the same functionality as the Excel version. This is a beta release and we would appreciate any feedback or bug reports. You can PM George1902 with questions and comments.

2019_Scouting_Database_v1.0.xls (1.1 MB)
2019_Thursday_Scouting_v1.0.pdf (212.5 KB)
2019_Scouting_Sheet_Legal_v1.0.pdf (475.9 KB)

The link to the Google sheets is:
Click on the link and save a copy of the Google Sheet.

I hope this all works out with this new version of CD.


Like Warren said, we’d love any feedback you have.

I’ve had some folks ask me how they can use Google Sheets (or Docs or Slides) offline. Here’s how:

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First off I love seeing this every year, I can honestly say that most teams in Florida (mine included) would not be where they are today scouting wise without SPAM’s efforts, even those who no longer use the Poor Man system.

I only have one question that is more why not so much how.

  1. Do you think a good Thursday question would be about the ability to acquire cargo without going outside the frame perimeter? or even just the ability to retract back in after the start of the match? It could be brought up in the comment section of the actual data sheets but since it is a design yes/no question I didn’t know if there was a reason it was left off (besides brevity) since it is an important skill set for defensive bots this season.

Love this system, we are moving to a digital system on Fire tablets this year, but the poor man’s scouting system is how we got started and we used a version of it every year since 2013 until this season. Thank you so much for putting this out to teams each season. Google drive integration is a huge plus.

As with any data, it boils down to what you think will be useful to make a decision. Our Thursday scouting criteria changes more than anything else in our system over the season.

As for cargo collection within the perimeter, I don’t know how often that will be a deciding factor in match strategy or creating a pick list.

I reserve the right to be completely wrong, of course. Like I said, we’ll iterate on that document all year.

Thanks for putting these out every year. While we create our own similar system, I always compare it to ours as a sanity check to ensure we are collecting the correct data. We’re are also going to borrow your header row format idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this again, we will definitely be utilizing it at our first event Week 1.

Heading into Orlando, I wanted to share how SPAM will be distributing our scouting data using SPAMalytics.

2019 Orlando Regional SPAMalytics

This is the copy of SPAMalytics we’ll be giving to anyone who needs or wants it. Pay special attention to the ImportRange functions on the hidden sheets Match List and Match Data that will keep these sheets synced with the main sheet on our scouting computer.

I’m really excited to see this in action for the first time. Feel free to grab a copy and keep track of all the teams along side us!

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Thanks for posting this. It was of great help at Orlando and we look forward to use it again in South Florida.

One suggestion I would make is that if a team scores a hatch on the cargo ship during sandstorm that a cargo score is also added to their contribution.

Poor Man’s Scouting and SPAMalytics are ready for week 5. A few changes have been made.

  • A drive team request prompted a change to game object scoring. We now track where the object was scored (cargo ship or rocket) rather than how high (levels 1, 2, or 3).

  • The first priority when developing SPAMalytics was not to lose any functionality from Poor Man’s, including being able to completely run offline. Someone (me) didn’t realize Scripts run in the cloud and thus can’t be used offline. Oops. So now we enter the match results in the Match Data tab directly. We made the Match Data tab prettier to facilitate this.

  • The Pit Scouting sheet had a turn through the shredder. The majority of what’s left is focused on finding a good candidate for playing defense.

Good luck, everyone!
2019_Scouting_Database_v2.0.xls (1.1 MB)
2019_Scouting_Sheet_Legal_v2.0.pdf (228.9 KB)
2019_Thursday_Scouting_v2.0.pdf (31.9 KB)

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One suggestion I would make is that if a team scores a hatch on the cargo ship during sandstorm that a cargo score is also added to their contribution.

You could instruct your scouters to do that, certainly. I don’t think anything on the sheet itself would have to change.

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