Team 180 2020 SPAMalytics Scouting System (formerly Poor Man's Scouting System)

Here is the 2020 release of Team 180’s SPAMalytics Scouting System (formerly known as the Poor Man’s Scouting System).

The SPAMalytics Scouting System is offered for teams who want to scout, but have more team members than money. It is easy to setup and run.

You have your choice between using MS Excel or Google Sheets for your data entry and analysis.

Good Luck, and May The Force Be With You.

2020_Scouting_Database_v1.0.xls (2.4 MB) - The Google Sheets Link
2020_Thursday_Scouting_v1.0.pdf (31.4 KB)
2020_Scouting_Sheet_Legal_v1.0.pdf (265.9 KB)


Thank you for continuing to release this year after year. It’s a great resource for teams that are getting started with scouting(or have been doing it for years). Using this system is how Spectrum got started and I highly recommend it to any team that wants to start scouting.

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Sorry for a rookie question, In the past my team has only used paper scouting sheets due to the simplicity of it. However, I really like all the analytics that come along with using a spreadsheet. With poor service at events, how do you sync the data between the multiple scouters/drive coach reliably?

With poor service at events, how do you sync the data between the multiple scouters/drive coach reliably?

Cell service does make things easy. We have an USB LTE modem that we prefer to use, but at some events service is spotty. Excel and Sheets can both run offline, so data entry will work just fine. When you don’t have internet, getting the match strategy sheets to the drive team requires creativity. We’ve found two pretty reliable methods for getting the information to the people who need it…

First is using sneakernet. You could keep a portable printer in the stands. You already want power for a laptop, powering a printer is no harder. The coach can stop by the stands to pick up the printed sheet for the upcoming match, or you can have a runner take the printed sheet to them.

The second uses MMS. The data entry person can run a match report, take a picture of the screen, and send it to the drive coach. We’ve found MMS messages to be reliable even when there is poor cellular data service.

Good Luck to the team participating in Week 1 events. If you are using the Poor Man’s scouting system, please let us know how it worked and if you found any bugs (gasp!) in the programs.

If you would be willing to share your scouting data with us , we would appreciate it. We can use it to tune the effective score coefficients. Just PM me or George Wallace.

Good Luck and May The Force Be With You.

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