Team 1806's 2013 Code

To check it out, it works best if you have Tortoise SVN ( and check out from

Admittedly it might be a bit of a spaghetti-like jumble, and it’s not documented incredibly well, but it worked. Feel free to ask any questions about what something does or how/why we did something.
We’ll try to make it a summer project to retroactively clean it up and comment it better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also it was our first year using an SVN system for code management, which was a huge success.

How does SVN work for labview? Did you have any specific problems?

Well, you can’t diff or merge very well to my knowledge, but otherwise as far as committing, branching, updating, etc. it works very well. It’s good just to have you code in the cloud so every member on the team can access it, and having a backup copy you can access from anywhere you have internet.

I use compare more often than merge. I generally don’t need to merge and instead just review that my changes make sense.

I attached an image of what diff looks like. The window on the bottom shows the description of the diff and the upper two windows are the two files with the objects selected and some items circled.

Greg McKaskle

Here’s how to set up graphical diffing and merging for TortoiseSVN. It would be similar for other tools.

Is there a way to download it without the SVN?

Alright, there’s actually a toolbar inside of labview for all that stuff, definately will be helpful for summer projects and next year. Thanks!

Here’s a rar file of it!