Team 1816 Kicker Video

Here is a video of our kicker prototype:
We probably won’t be kicking that far in competition but who knows, we can easily tone it down. It’s powered by surgical tubing. Thoughts and comments appreciated!

what the HECK are you guys using there?!?!?!? lol

Holy ****! That is insane! That must be turned down, unless you want to be slammed with penalties for hitting people in the control stations :P.

I am, however curious, as to how you release your surgical tubing, and make it ready to fire for a second time?

How are you using the surgical tube? Are you using a sling shot method?

Can we get a pic of the mechanism?

We will be pulling it back with a winch, but we haven’t finalized the plans on it. It’s only a prototype, but we’ll be using some of the parts on the actual robot. Here is a picture:

Don’t worry the final design will look a lot nicer and will probably have some sort of safety mechanism, this was just made with parts found in our workshop.