Team 1816 Presents: Zeta

Team 1816 is proud to reveal our 2019 FRC season robot, Zeta.

We are competing at Lake Superior Regional, Minnesota North Star Regional and FIRST Detroit Championships.

Good luck teams!

1816 The Green Machine


Best robot 1816 has built in my opinion! Looking forward to seeing how well you guys can do at Duluth!


Wow, great looking robot! I am looking forward to seeing it up close and personal in the pits and on the playing field in Duluth!

Awesome Robot!!! Congrats!! 1816 is ready to make some noise in 2019!! Can’t wait to be with you at the DECC!! SwampFest Trio??? #1816,3750,4539​:grinning::robot:

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This robot is so awesome. You guys are going to kill it this year. See you all at North Star!

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I am going on record to state that the winning alliance at Lake Superior will be 1816/3750 combo with a defensive robot.

The winning alliance at North Star will be a 2175/1816 combo with a defensive robot.

'The Green Machine’s robot is ridiculous this season. It is too bad we are not in the same regional as we would love to compete with/against you guys! Hopefully we can meet up at State!

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Makes a lot of sense to me!! That 3rd pick will be so important!! It will probably be the most important pick you make!!

10k will be awesome with 5172’s robot - I cannot wait to see your team in action this year! Again, quite a robot Russ!

Thanks, kinda a crazy build that was a lot of fabrication as we went!! Sideways elevator!! Really??? :grinning: We need you to come up to GNR!! Next year??? As always will be fun to play with you guys at 10k!!!

Agreed Chief, So fun to see where the Green Machine is at!! One Awesome team!!

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