Team 1817 Reveal 2014

Team 1817 is proud to present our 2014 robot, Mantis.

Reveal Video

See you at Hub City and Dallas! Good Luck!

Nice looking robot. Definitely don’t want to get into a pushing match with you guys.

Good luck this week at Hub City and we’ll see you in Dallas next weekend!!

Wow, I didn’t expect to see another ball collector that was almost exactly like ours. It’s uncanny. Four-bar linkages rock.

Yes Sir, four-bar linkages are awesome

Thanks for the post Austin

What did you use to design your four-bar?

Nothing special, just Inventor. It was a lot of playing around with the pivot points and link lengths to get the roller so that in the extended position it was where we found worked best from prototyping for ball pickup and in the retracted position it was nicely compressing the ball. Once the ball is in the robot, there is no way that it’s coming out unless we want it to.

I did something similar. I started with some basic measurements from prototyping then start to play around with the dimension on Autodesk Force Effect Motion. It’s a really nice iPad app for something like this. It let you record your simulation too!

After seeing your robot in action today during some practice matches; I am extremely impressed. It’s amazingly accurate! Well done.