Team 1817 - Wireless cRio Powered Kitbot

We were a little nervous about the new controls system, but now we’re pumped!

Using a cRio and wireless router we had already laying around at school we were able to get a wireless kitbot running in less than two days!

Kitbot running wirelessly outside:

Kitbot running inside:

Controlling a motor with LabVIEW and cRio:

You had a cRIO lying around your school? :eek:

She goes to Texas Tech University.

Yay college! We also get a complete site license for all the LabVIEW packages… if you can find the CDs…

Another senior (college) was using the cRio for a project in our lab during the last build season. At the time we were a little annoyed because he was taking up a valuable computer and desk… but it all worked out. :smiley:

Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you’re going to college :slight_smile: Congrats on the moving frame, you’re certainly well-prepared for 2009.

Rachel has yet to introduce herself… She is actually going to college and has been a mentor for three years now entering her fourth and was previously a member of the Robonauts. Her team is fortunate to have a cRio but I hope they don’t put too much strain on their system because in reality the one we’re going to get isn’t as powerful as the ones they have over there (from what I hear).

What have you learned with the cRio? Any big obstacles? Can you share some screenshots of your program and your dashboard to monitor sensors etc? If not can you try to make one? Thanks Rachel!



One of our teams mentors has access to a cRio and we’ve tossed around the idea of doing something like this. We’re still wondering how we would set it up with out the new OI and with the cRio not having first firmware on it. Do you have any documentation on how you set it up and controlled the cRio with wireless?

Nice job guys.

Awesome! This team would be a very good mentor for the new control system beta testing. Congrats.

Just to let everyone know, we are going to post documentation and instructions on how we constructed everything and programmed the rio. Its still a work in progress, but it’ll be up soon.

edit: the videos are also uploaded in HD here.

Now that is Wicked. I like to do that. Congrats.

the Kitbot now has solenoid and Relay control!