Team 1836's kicker

We have most everything finished and decided to post a video of our kicker online. Its at

Also, below is an somewhat outdated render of our robot:
EDIT: See below for new render.

Does your kicker exit the vertical projection of the FRAME PERIMETER more than once every two seconds?

I was wondering the same thing, although since it is driven by a motor they may be planning on making it retract and kick once every two seconds.

No, although the kicker in the render I posted does we changed our design and the kicker that is currently on our robot never leaves the frame perimeter.

that’s true i’m glad to see you have changed the kicker so it doesn’t exit the bumper perimeter. One thing i noticed from the video is that you have to be careful about the rotating kicker because it could seriously injure someone. Lastly is the notch in the chassis for the kicker small enough for a ball to never be more than 3 inches inside.

In theory it is small enough, but not in practice. We are going to have to make the notch a bit smaller.

You may want to read the rules about the frame perimeter also.

Good catch alex I don’t see how they can legaly mount bumpers on the front of the robot with that design.

Good catch; I missed seeing that. (They said the render was old, so I thought maybe they had corrected it.) In the video you can see a bar going across, but another viewing of the video reveals that it is not a frame member on the FRAME PERIMETER.

We have corrected it. That render is somewhat outdated and not all of the frame was on when we shot that video.

I’ve updated the render, below is the new one.