Team 1850 - 2012 Robot

Hey everyone,

Here are some pictures of Team 1850’s mostly completed robot - taken about a week before bag+tag day.

I’m willing to answer questions and would be interested to hear any general comments.

We are also looking for a robot name! Let me know if you’ve got a good one.


I can’t quite tell what type of motors your shooter is using are they Banebot or FisherPrice? Another thing, it might just be the camera angle but it seems as if they are sticking outside your bumper perimeter which could be a big problem when you are taking big hits out in the open field, even if your bumpers are on.

The motors for the shooter are Banebots motors with a 4:1 gearbox. The motors stay inside the frame perimeter on the sides of the robot when facing forward, when rotating from side to side (it’s all on a lazy-susan) one motor sticks out the front of the robots frame perimeter <14 inches.