Team 1868 Presents: Nova

Team 1868 presents our 2017 robot: Nova

Robot specs:
[li]6 wheel WCD
[/li][li]3.5" colson wheels
[/li][li]WCP flipped gearboxes
[/li][li]Theoretical speeds 15.7 and 8.1 fps
[li]1.5" rubber tubing
[/li][li]5:1 reduction from a 775pro
[li]2.875" banebot wheels
[/li][li]10:1 reduction (feeder) and 3:1 reduction (flywheel) from 775pros
[/li][li]Dual stream
[li]Velcro rope
[/li][li]56:1 reduction from a miniCIM
[/li][li]5 second climb
[li]NVIDIA Jetson TX1 as vision coprocessor for aligning with lift and high goal
[/li][li]A passive gear mechanism (not in picture) will be added at CVR

We’ll see you at CVR and SVR!

Looks awesome! See you at SVR!

Looks nice! Any reason you chose to use a spur gear and chain reduction instead of a VP for the climber?

Very interesting. How many balls can you store in that thing?

We were concerned about the load that would place on a versaplanetary, and decided not to risk it. Overall my experience with versaplanetaries has been pretty good, but we have occasionally had rather dramatic failures in the past. We figured that we had the weight to give it, and that with the vex plastic clamping bearing blocks, it wasn’t much more complicated to use the spur gear reduction.

I think the last time we counted we got to around 50, but it’s probably closer to 45 now that we’ve finished adding the polycarb pieces.

What a beautiful robot! How’s the accuracy and speed of your dual shooter?

Thanks! I believe we were getting around 5 balls/sec and 80% accuracy, but it’s been a while since we counted so it might be higher.