Team 1889 Pics

Alrighty, my first FIRST event, so we were scrambling to complete the robot in the last few days and failed to get proper pics at the very end. So here it is a few days before shipping.

We placed a lot of emphasis on traction, so I’ll add a pic of the “landing gear” (as everyone dubbed it) – which is essentially my implementation of a steerable powered wheel assembly. I used the toughbox gears to get the same ratios as the rear, and moved the motor to the same side as the output shaft, so there would be clearance for the lower pivot. I added the encoders after this pic.

Looks good, how does it work?

It’s supposed to work? :yikes: :smiley:

Two chains with bars attached across them (like a rope ladder) pull the balls up the PVC rails and into a hopper (not in this pic) at the top. The hopper has a door in the front that releases the balls and the hopper bed tilts forward.

are those pvc bars just for access cause they look a little outside the box and if it isnt what is its purpose

To guide the balls up to the shooter?
It seems like they haven’t cut the excess yet :wink:

Interesting. How much does it weigh? We used 80/20 and 10/10 and were severely overweight at the end.