Team 190 BAE Chairman's Award Winner

Congratulations to Team 190 WPI/Mass Academy Gompeii & the HERD for FINALLY winning a well deserved Chairman’s Award at the Granite State Regional. :slight_smile:

You folks have been long overdue for all the hard work and effort you have put in since the very beginnings of FIRST. You’re team’s organization and dedication is something that other teams would do well to emulate.

Ken, Colleen and the rest of the gang, you all certainly deserve it.

Best of luck in Fla and Georgia

Congratulations 190! You guys deserved it. :]

To me, 190 is a silent Hall of Fame team, they really are a team dedicated to the true meaning of FIRST. Thanks for being a great team, you guys deserve it.

There was only one team that could really do this, and that’s you guys. While I’ve never quite forgiven you guys for beating us in the semis with your robot doing a backflip on the bar to knock out our 2x multiplier in 2004, I’m happy you got this award.


Team 190 is very deserving of this honor! Congratulations!

I’d like to add my congratulations to everyone else’s. Good luck, 190! :slight_smile:

You guys are a great team, and have done so much in the FIRST community! You deserve this award for all of your time in effort you put into everything you do. Your team is by far one of the most dedicated and helpful teams i’ve seen in FIRST my 2 years. A big congrats, and I wish you luck in the future. :smiley:

Does anyone have video of the BAE awards, most particularly of the Chairman’s Award? Unfortunately, no one on our team had their video cameras with them when we won.

Thanks in advance!