Team 190 Promo Video

Team 190 Presents our latest creation: Gompe-saurus Rex, or G-Rex for short. It’s one of the best looking and performing machines we’ve created to date. Built for speed and plays all aspects of the game. Minibot and deployment are under wraps until competition.

Drive - 4 CIM 6wd, can be changed from 6 traction dropped center to inline rear omnis for a more forward turning center.

Tube Scoring - Fast roller claw with elevator, 1.5 seconds bottom to top

Minibot - Secret. Deployment system includes alignment device (shown) to line up robot.

Autonomous - Camera controlled heading, ultrasonic controlled distance.

Wow looks amazing! Fantastic lift and gripper!

Ive seen most teams using those green wheels for roller claws, what kind of wheels are they? who makes them?

Those would be banebot wheels.
one of those

I know that BB gearboxes are back ordered, so would that mean the wheels would be too?

That looks far too simple to be a 190 robot.

You haven’t seen what goes on the back yet :-P. Trust me, it’s 190 through and through.

Hoping for another wall of maroon?

Sick gripper and I like the compact lift.

Wow. A tube comes anywhere near that gripper and it snatches it right up. Well done!

That looks fantastic! I really hope we can pit our bots against each other! Good Luck!

Cant wait to see this at DC :slight_smile:

Good looking bot and awesome music on the video.

Simply amazing… I want to buy one of those grippers… just to run around my house with lol :slight_smile:

Looks like another Einstein contender!

Easily one of the fastest roller grippers I’ve seen this year. Congrats on building a solid robot this year, I can’t wait to get a closer look at it in a couple weeks at the WPI Regional.

all i can say is SICK!!! great job guys

So, how well do you guys pass tubes?

It looks like between the traction drive train and the fast gripper, you guys can serve not only as scorer but as tube relay.

I look forward to seeing this one in person in DC!

this is a hoax…it can’t be a wpi robot since it’s working before ship date…


This is the real deal, no hoaxes here! It is a rare occurence that the robot is at this level of completion by ship, but it would not be the first time. 2007 and 2009 come to mind…:wink:

When I see robots like this I just have to ask the question…



why would you NOT build a roller claw???

Admit it, claws have no advantage over roller claws. none.