Team 1902 Article in Orlando Sentinel

In todays (Wednesday, June 7th) Orlando Sentinel there is a column talking about Team 1902’s inspiration. It really turned out to be a great article (even though I am a bit biased) it definitly made me smile when I saw what he wrote about us after the great conversations we had with the journalist the otehr day. Check it out.,0,4111531.column?page=1)

Very nice article. I am glad you guys have got some good press!!

After spending Sunday with Jake Vest, the reporter who wrote the article, I thought we might have overloaded him a little. I got the expression that he left us feeling a little bewildered.

After reading the article, I’m sure of it. =-]

I’m thoroughly satisfied, though. Jake did an excellent job. You can tell he “gets it”-- he realizes that it isn’t all about the robots.

Any one aspect of 1902 could be ‘overwhelming’, not the least of which is your humor. It sounds like he had a great time, learned a lot, and can convey that knowledge well.

Now THAT is a quality piece. Floridians might be crazy, but they can write a mean newspaper article. Definitely worth your time and bandwidth.

OINK! OINK! …uh, what’s the last part? :wink:


Boom shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka?

If all of the Chief Delphi community would go to and then look at the most emailed articles (grey box on the right) then go to the article. (our geeks beat the worlds geeks) …and then email it to all their friends…we will stay on the opening page of the website for a few days.


Pretty please