Team 1902 needs a cart for vegas

Hello everyone. Team 1902 is traveling to vegas next wensday and need something to carry the robot. We have a cart of our own but it’s huge and it’s made out of steel and dimand plate, so that might not get onto the plane with us. Anyway, we were wondering if any of the teams from the general vegas area has a spare cart, dolly, Flinstone style car, anything that could be used as a robot transportation device. And If you do we were wondering if we could borrow it for the reaginol.
Thank You,
James Austin
(P.S. we promise we will fix any exploded wheels before returning it.:yikes: )

A cheap furniture dolly will work if nothing else, maybe some local teams can point you to a Home depot.

Hi James,
We retired our old cart this year, your welcome to use it if you like.
it has a lot of miles left on it, and solid wheels.
Please reply here if you are still in need.
see you there,

Grab a handtruck at the local Home Depot. The best investment we ever made.

Thanks George:

we would love to use your cart. Can we pick it up in the pits on Thursday?


Hi Wendy,

No prob.


P.S Warren, it is a HD 4 wheel hand cart, and if you are flying it can be a pain coming or going, plus the possible extra cost, shipping rules, (thats why it has solid tires) and other considerations.
Have fun!