Team 1912 Beta Test Presentation

FRC Team 1912 Combustion will be holding its Beta Testing Presentation this coming Saturday, 17 December. We were lucky enough to be able to test the new LabVIEW, Kinect and hardware. We will be outlining the changes in the controls system as well as demonstrating the new equipment.

Time - Saturday 17 December starting at 9am
Place - (Our build site, in the upstairs of one of our gracious sponsor’s facility)
Technology Solutions Group
40201 Highway 190 East
Slidell, LA 70461-2443

For more information or to RSVP please contact Wendy Holladay (our head controls mentor) at [email protected] or 985-640-1733. We ask that all who plan to attend RSVP to get an accurate head count.

We had a fantastic Beta Testing Presentation today! We were very pleased with the turnout; people from six teams came in addition to everyone on ours came. In total there were probably over fifty-five people at the presentation, some of who drove three hours one way. As student lead I went through a presentation that explained about Beta Testing and our findings. We were lucky enough to have tested LabVIEW, Hardware and the Kinect so we were able to given explanations and demonstrations for all three. The official presentation probably took around forty-five minutes and a copy of the PowerPoint can be found on our website. We then opened up for a brief Q&A before going into our more informal session where teams could look around our build site, play around with the new equipment and ask specific questions. Overall, we were very excited at the high attendance (especially compared to our previous year’s presentations) and the general excitement.