Team 192 Animation submission

Well, as it seems like we don’t have a single thread to post links in this year, I’ll just start a new one like everyone else…

the GRTv 2004 animation is now available online, in two quality options: (13 MB) (144 MB)


Oh WOW! An animation good enough to defend your reputation from last year’s 5 regional animation awards. I was hopping to see your robot in the animation, but that’s asking too much I guess. I will just have to see it at competition.

(feel free to PM me where you have pictures of your robot ;-). )

Well, we have been trying to stay away from showing our robot for two reasons:

  1. Our team often dosn’t know what the robot will look like until it ships. kind of hard to get that into the animation =)

  2. It seems like everybody does something with robots as a major piece, and last year it seemed to work just fine without that.

And plus, the whole idea of the animation is that FIRST is more than just robots…

That’s pretty much the way I felt about my teams animation (#1188)

I like it when people do more than their robot, shows more creativity and it is usually more visually appealing for me. Nice animation, and a good message.

Did you see the robot in the Thunder Chickens (217) animation? I think it’s over the robot weight limit.

Very entertaining animation (as usual) from the Thunder Chickens.

(I’m still downloading team 192’s animation)

WildStang 111

After seeing Team 192’s animation, I think it is very much
“on target” for the message of FIRST and well executed.

Excellent job!

WildStang, Team 111

Very nice job guys :slight_smile: I’m glad our animation will be going against yours at Arizona. Gunn Robotics produces something great every time :]

See you in Arizona