Team 192, Robot Lifting Teaser

There you will see our base lift up two robots in under 6 seconds. The other robot being lifted is not easily seen in the shot. The red robot you do see is our 2003 robot, and it weighs 120ibs.

Thanks, and sorry for the poor quality, it was taken with my camera phone!

Are you using some kind of winch (sounds like it might be the FP w/ gearbox) to pull that center leg? Looks like a very simple and efficient design.

That looks good, I like how you support the wing when it is lifted.

are you sure that the center leg wont damage the carpet?

The material being used has zero chance of damaging the carpet.

How much do both of your lifters weigh together? It looks quite similar to our lifter design this year.


Impressive, I’d wondered how something like that would work. Looks like it works quite well.:eek: