Team 1939 Robot Reveal - The Cave Beast of Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhh!"

FRC Team 1939, The Kuh-nig-its, present “The Cave Beast of Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhh” as our submission for the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition, Aerial Assist.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Arkansas Regional and the Greater Kansas City Regional! Would love to hear your comments.


You’re going to be very competitive. I love the catch (that robot that tossed it to you looked pretty good, too :)) and your 2-goal auto. I also loved the video - any video that has scenes from MPatHG gets an immediate +1.

Did you have enough weight left to have the bunny on board this year?

Yes! We are at 117 lbs right now. Trying to find a way to fit a bigger/better compressor AND keep the bunny might be tough, but we’ll make it happen. We hope we get a chance to catch from 1986 again. BTW, thanks for the cameo in your reveal video!

Very nice robot. I think we are going to see a high level of play at Arkansas this year. Excited!

Agreed, Arkansas Regional= Great! As long as you keep the bunny! Looking forward to passin the ball around with yall! Great job!

You get props for the name alone! Did you call it ‘Cave Beast’ instead of ‘Black Beast’ on purpose? Naming criticism aside, it’s a well designed machine.

Yes, it was purposeful. We thought our robot looked sort of like a cave, and it turns out that the beast isn’t black. He’s mostly blue and green, so we went with cave beast instead.

Thanks for the compliment!

Love how your team logo is illuminated! But is does make it hard to appreciate your shooter mechanism.
Looks like you have a robust catcher set up, and it’s interesting that you made one of the catches in the video with the panels drawn in.
The killer rabbit is there! Now, can you make the robot smell of elderberries?

Thanks for the comments. We are actually really proud of our shooter. It is extremely accurate and consistent. It can’t shoot from midfield or anything, but we wanted a shot that made a good truss pass as well. I think maybe some of the robots that shoot really hard all the time are going to have issues with other robots not wanting to or being able to catch their truss pass. Then you have a fast moving, bouncing ball that could be difficult to regain possession of because you have to chase it all over the field. Wasted time = wasted points.

Not sure about the elderberries, but we did build a robot that could cut down the tallest tree in the forest with…A Herring!

(Okay so I can’t back that last statement up with paperwork, but we did build a coconut-shaped minibot in 2011)

Nice graphic…

All right we will call it a draw…

Hope to camp out next to you guys in again in St. Louis…

We just hope to BE in St. Louis again this year. If so, we would love to be neighbors again.

Here is the mobile version of the reveal video. Enjoy!