Team 195 - CyberKnights - Chairman's Video 2016

Team 195 is proud to present our 2016 Chairman’s video.

Big shout out to our amazing videographers, Jim Gorham and Randy Bonomi, who really helped us make this video be the best it could be.

We created this video with our theme of working “Beyond Us” in mind, essentially meaning we strive to advance FIRST’s mission by making significant positive impacts that extend far beyond ourselves.

We welcome any feedback.

Great job on the video guys! Very well done!

On behalf of team 4557, let me say great job on the video! Wishing your team all the best this season. See you in Waterbury.

Excellent video, very well done!

Thank you and the same to 4557! Best of Luck! We’re looking forward to a great season although we won’t be competing in Waterbury this year. We are doing a massive volunteering effort…so we will still see you there!