Team 195 Presents OddJob

The CyberKnights are proud to present their 2013 Ultimate Ascent Robot: OddJob.

View the video here.

Maybe you’ve already heard of 2471’s robot this year, but this might interest you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes we’ve seen. Just a coincidence that our robots have the same name. They have such an interesting design.

Nice video. Good job

2471…really nice!!!

Another Oddjob

Great video and team, can’t believe you guys have won the final 3 CT regionals, 195 is rapidly becoming a, if not the, northeast powerhouse. I’m proud to call your team our friends. See you guys in St. Louis.

Thank you very much! And Great job in NYC!

great robot you guys have (as always) good luck at the rest of the season

I can’t wait to see what division you end up in.
And which we end up in.
:smiley: :wink:

3 Oddjobs! Excellent.

Being named after such a classic character, I figured that we wouldn’t be the only one, but until today I hadn’t heard of any others. Nice bots!! I look forward to seeing them up close in St. Louis.

BTW, there’s a video with an intact soundtrack (thanks Utoob:confused:) at

Cant wait to see you guys in St. Louis too! Hoping we end up in the same division!

You guys have an amazing bot!

1712’s robot was named OddJob as well. Don’t think there’s any pictures/video up on CD yet, will have to fix that ASAP.

Looks good!

Thanks guys! Just watched your video and it looks great.

Thanks so much. Vice versa. Great minds… :cool:

Best of luck and hopefully we will get a chance to play together.

195 looks forward to meeting you in STL! Stop By!

Both 195 and 2471 look to have very good bots. If the preliminary schedule holds, it looks like we won’t be seeing either of you on the field with us until (hopefully) Saturday afternoon. Good luck to both of you.

I have to say, though, that 2471 wins my “Best use of James Bond elements” award. :smiley: Even though “Oddjob” != “Bond”, including the pistol in your opening sequence was excellent. 195’s cut from Oddjob’s hat to a frisbee wasn’t very far behind, though. Both of your video teams did well.

I agree. I have to say 2471’s bond opening was pretty awesome. Gave that “classic Bond” feeling.

195 is really looking forward to meeting both 2471 and 1986 this week. I’d love to get a pic of both “Odd Jobs” side by side if time permits.