Team 195 The CyberKnights "The F-195 KnightHawk"

The 195 official reveal video!

You guys definitely got that two-ball auto down in Southington! Congrats on your 18th rank in top 25 this week!

-a proud Alum :slight_smile:

Great video Kyle!

Looks like someone else figured out the sideways intake rollers trick…

Great robot.


Seriously Kyle, this video came out amazing.

I expect you guys to be playing late into the day Saturday at Champs.

IMO, the best “1114 2008” style robot I’ve yet seen. Epic intake, epic aesthetics, and most of all, epic performance. Good luck at DCMP and CMP! Hope we can re-form the 2012/13 CT alliance at Worlds this year! :smiley: