Team 195 website...finally!

Hey everyone… ive been working on a team website because we have never had one and no one else was motivated enought to do it. I have no prior experience in web/graphics design, and i wanted to know if you could check out what i have so far and tell me what you think…
Cyber Knights

Thanks… Tom

First experience with web design? Very impressive; there’s very little I would change if I were you. Dreamweaver was a good choice.

Some broken links:
I think all pages linked from are broken…

Otherwise, great layout, I like it!

WONDERFULL! I AM so proud of our new site lol :wink: Umm Not to much I would change. Although i think we should ad an intro I make in flash to it! :smiley:
SEE YOU TOMMARROW … seeing as you won’t read this till tonight

im working on getting pages up for those links, it might take a while cuz i just started and the only time i have to work is weekends :rolleyes:

So are you just using plain HTML or do you have some sort of backend server side language? It does look very decent, and I am in awe of your image gallery… Do you have to create a new applet for every picture added or can you jut upload them directly?

good job!

i also just got the forum running yesterday (see dates of posts, lol) new site is and the forum is