Team 1983 Presents: The Ultimate Scent

Skunkworks Robotics Reveal Video 2013:

Look forward to seeing you all Weeks 4, 5 and 6 in Central Washington, Seattle and Spokane!

Great looking robot! I sense a good team-up with 1318 based on your floor pickup and good pyramid shooting.

It must be exciting to finally get to compete (waiting until week 4 to get going), and then have a flurry of three comps in a row!

Good luck!

Best robot name of the year!

At least you guys can say the robot is supposed to smell like that after(if, but hopefully you don’t) get the magic smoke.

Nice job on the editing Navid…
Thanks for putting this together for us.

Good luck to everyone on the field!!

Looks to me like the floor pickup can be used as a 10 pt hanger, and a 30pt corner climb is hinted at in the final seconds of the video.

Great looking robot! Can’t wait to work with you guys in ellensburg

It certainly is exciting and after going down to Oregon to spectate, we are anxious to get out on the field ourselves.

1318 is certainly looking good this year and we haven’t played with them since our regional win in 2009.

It’s exciting to see all the great teams we’ll get to play with on top of 1318. We have a lot of strong Washington friends in Seattle and Central who we watched play well in Oregon. We also have some really strong out of state travelers in Spokane: 955 (regional winner) and our yet to be seen friends the Taters, 2122.

The floor pickup doesn’t double as a hanging mechanism. We do have a hefty 10 point hang, but I don’t think we’ll be doing a 30 this season. Our robot is a bit scared of heights (or falling from them anyways) :ahh:

@Everyone: Thanks for the compliments, the kids and mentors did a great job this year during a hard season. It was fun to try and throw a video together and I hope that it will become a tradition. Can’t wait for competition!

OK, it’s official, I’m going to be glued to the live stream this weekend. :yikes: Can’t wait to see you guys at Seattle!!

Looking forward to seeing you guys too. Congrats again on EI in Oregon!

That is a beautiful robot. I always appreciate the fit and finish of your machines. See you in the morning!

Your robot looks like a real contender with the quick driving and the floor pickup for auto. Nice video and great robot name by the way. I love that water jet cutting. It will be great to see you in Spokane.

This robots name is amazing.
If you dont’ mind me asking, how are you changing the angle of your shooter?

Thanks! You might be able to catch it in the video if you watch closely (Seen well around 48 to 50 seconds). The shooter is fixed and hinges on the back. We have an acme screw which is in the middle of the linkage between the drive base and the shooter, which drives the linkage outward and extends it. I am a bit more mechanically inclined and I’m unaware of which we are currently using, but I know we have both encoder feedback on the screw and an inclinometer mounted on the shooter itself which accurately reads angle measurements.