Team 1983 Skunkworks 2013 Code

Of the two projects, the “Mercury2013” project (without the suffix,) is the program that was active on the field this year. It is written in C++ using the command based framework.

This is the first year our team has used the command based structure to design our robot’s code and I’d like to say that is was a success when it came to having multiple people working on separate things – probably one of the biggest advantages of it. It made it much easier to later integrate the different components originally designed by various other members of the programming team.

Speaking to the cleanliness (or lack thereof) we will probably be spending some time this year cleaning it up and moving any of the utilities and common code out of this project into another one, which may be published at a later date.

Feel free to ask any questions or point out issues. There is always something that can be fixed.

This is a silly question, but in your constructors you call printf. Where do the strings from calling it show up?

They appear in the NetConsole.