Team 1983 Submission

as a “Inventor guy” on team 1983 - the Skunkworks, I just wanted to show a little insight into our robot “das Ueberstinktier” (German for Superskunk).
It is a little late since the deadline was now about four weeks ago but I would still like to show some of my work and maybe get some helpful feedback. The following renderings of the model that was made by me show the unique design features of our robot as well as its overall design.

Complete Robot](

Bottom View](

Drive Wheels](

Electronics Board (my favorite!)](

Claw Design](

I am happy about every feedback that helps me.
Good luck to all other participants in the Autodesk Inventor Award!

Best wishes



have you done anything else the past 2 months? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely looking

WOW!!! That is really impressive, how long did it take you to design all that?

Really nice work on the wiring–probably the best I’ve seen to date. Outstanding modeling!!

I am always amazed with the amount of work and detail that goes into some of the assemblies shown on CD. I just don’t know where you find the time!!

Hey you know to be honest I don’t know either. I think during that time my host family saw me not much at all.
I can hardly tell how much time I spent on doing this but I would guess at least 100-200 hours and I was working alone learning about Inventor in October so you can imagine how much time I had to spend in there. I am happy that you like this model. I hope for the final five in the award

Remember guys, voting ends at 4:00 PM Friday so make sure to vote!

Being 1983’s neighbors in the Atlanta pits, I can definitely say that the real life bot looks almost identical to the CAD. Great work!

Thank you, and yeah it took me quite a bit of time to actually make this model.

In about 3 hours is the voting over! So if you like the model, please have a look at; sign up and vote!

Team 1983 - The Skunkworks

Good luck to all team!

I just have to say that the design has been a real life saver, we ended up unpluging our new-mat-ic (Because the IBM thinkpads in the pits don’t have spell check) tubes for ship and hadn’t recorded where each tube went, but because of the accuracy of the inventor design we simply pulled that out and was good to go.