Team 1986 Guitar Hero Robot

We have introduced our new Guitar Hero robot in a post in General Forum. Here is a link to that post:

Very nice Team Titanium. I hope you bring it to the CowTown Throwdown.

We hope to if it is OK with the organizers.

Dude, bring that thing to atlanta next year and have it face off against the NI guitar hero bot!

If we can get there…we’ll bring it!

Ideally, this robot is so amazing it’ll help you fund raise to afford 3 regionals AND prepay for Atlanta. I know if I saw this and had money I wouldn’t be able to stop myself in giving it away :slight_smile:

Keep up your solid Chairman’s effort from last year and we should see you guys there!

This might be a graveyard dig, I’m not sure, I’m new to the forum.
But i just HAD to say… WOW! That could beat me flat out. And I had a question. Why did you have to play in versus mode? Does it run better or something? Could it only work when playing against someone else?

Whether for fundraising, demonstrations, or just entertainment, we always envisioned this robot playing against human opponents. So the field of view of the camera is fixed to watch just one side of versus mode. We could back off and view more screen so that it could also see solo mode, but that would degrade the resolution and performance in both modes. If you just want to watch it play alone, that can be done in versus mode, as in the videos. He could definitely do better and achieve higher scores if set to watch solo mode. The image is bigger and more elongated vertically, which gives more separation and definition of the notes, which is the biggest challenge. Some of the other GH robots are achieveing their best scores in this mode. Perhaps we will try that sometime and see how much better he can do. So to answer your question: no, it doesn’t run better in versus, it probably runs worse. But we run him that way because that is where all the fun is.

that is awesome!!!:]