Team 1987 Unveil

Here is a video showcasing our 2011 robot:

See you at the Midwest Regional!

Nice, I like your gripper team 16 also did a griper like that, Also Question How fast does your elevator go up? Good luck at competition.

Nice! Lovin’ the inside gripper. :slight_smile:

So happy you will be joining us at Midwest. Hopefully there will be something left of us after Alamo!


Looks good.

119 pounds of awesomeness! :slight_smile:

The minibot has come a long way since open house. It looks to be under 4 seconds with a reliable deployment method. The video is a little jumpy there. It might be even faster.

While I dislike inside grippers in general, yours is one of my favorites. I especially like how it propels the tube onto the scoring peg.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an elevator in FIRST before without some kind of cross-brace between the two telescoping sides. I have seen plenty with only a single telescoping beam though. The video shows it working smoothly. Does it have a tendancy to sway when operating in heavy traffic?

Good luck at Midwest. Team Titanium will be cheering for you while watching the webcast.

Looks sweet. Mecanum drive, elevator, autonomous mode, minibot. I’ll have to check your robot out at Midwest. Hope you have a great competition season :slight_smile:

Thanks, our elevator goes up in about 4 seconds. It descends a little slower (It is a gravity designed system). I would estimate about 6-8 seconds to descend. Also, our elevator sways some, but not too badly. It is mounted firmly to the chassis and shouldn’t be too much trouble. It misaligns slightly after hours of use, but it only takes about a minute to realign it.

I love the crossbow style gripper! Even if your lift is a bit on the slower side, I might trade a bit of our speed for your stability at max height. It’s always a trade-off!

Nice work, good luck on the field!