Team 1989 3D Printing off Season Preview

Hi this is a little review of last parts (still) used on the robot by the end of the season and a preview for the off season

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Hey Martin,

What printer and specific nylon filament did you end up using this year?

We have a Matterhackers Pulse that my daughter donated. The school has a replicator+ but that one is pretty useless as it does only PLA. We are saving to either buy and Ender 3 or a Tevo Moreo and upgrade it with a micro swiss hot end and garolite build plate. The Pulse is upgraded with an E3D V6, BondTech and a Garolite plate and set my daughter back about 1100.

In Nylon we use whatever we can get our hands on. We used some of the Hobby King Nylon which is extremely tough to print as its fishing line, not always consistent but only about 20 bucks a kg. Useful for bearings and smaller gears not that useful for larger items as it likes to warp. Don’t use it unless you really know what you are doing

Taulman Bridge prints Nice its probably the easiest Nylon to print. Its about $40/kg. Its much more flexible then the fishing line from Hobby King which is both good and bad. The HK Nylon is more slippery which makes it better for bearings and gears if you intend to rung them unlubricated but as I said tough to print the Bridge is still stiff enough for most gears and much more accurate. I do a ball intake gear in HK but wouldn’t do a planetary do to inconsistencies.

Taulman 910 is the one we like best but its 80 bucks a Kg and so can only be used in the most demanding situations in our case. Its great for everything and If we could buy 25kg of that stuff we probably print the whole robot out of it but that Is more than we spent on everything this season including tools and Nuts and bolts

Luckily Taulman sponsored us with a couple of rolls each so that made it easier. Besides that we keep our eyes open and print pretty much anything that melts. Hobby King had a black friday sale with ABS at $5 / kg so we bought a little over $50 worth and thats decent abs so a lot of stuff wound up being ABS, The Nylon replacement in many cases is HIPS its about 10-12 bucks at HK and by far not as good as 910 or bridge but quite useful in a lot of cases. We just printed ad Scateboard frame (32x28) out of about 2kg of that stuff to test our new design and so far so good. Rule of thumb if its less thant $25/kg we print it

Heck I wish we could buy 25 kg of 910…

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