Team 1991 is looking for their dust pan and broom

Someone borrowed our dustpan on Wednesday and we never got it back and we’d really like it back because we got it at the first event we won and it really means a lot to us. It’s clear plastic with green accents and it’s from Ikea. On the bottom there is a label that says from: team xxxx. Believe it starts with a 2. If you’re a team from Carson or Tesla and you borrowed a dustpan on Wednesday, please see if it’s ours, we’d really appreciate it.

This wasn’t a parts request by the way. A team came to our pit and asked for a broom. If you came to a corner pit in Carson on Wednesday and asked for a broom, you might have our dust pan. Also it was a girl so if you’re a girl that matches the above description, there’s a really good chance you have our dustpan.

I hope whoever borrowed this dustpan returns it and doesn’t just try to sweep this under the rug…

Let’s hope they don’t make a clean get-away…

Nor brush this off to the side.

Very punny. All jokes aside, you should go to pit admin and address this.

At Houston we lent our our trash can with our vision tracking target on it (ya know, like ya do) and it never found it’s way home. Hope you have better luck!

I hope that things pan out for you in the end.

We have. About like 5 times.