Team 1997s Blog

This year, another member of my team and I decided to start a blog that would track what we do over the course of the season. I’m posting this for two main reasons: so that other teams can look at our site and see what we’re up to and so that other teams that like the idea will have a basis to start from. Check us out at

I’ll be sure to forward this on to our head mentor, Dan P. Ritter III. He used to be a mentor (I believe THE mentor) for your team and I’m sure he’ll be happy to read.

From what I remember that’s correct! I seem to recall our mentor Scott Anderson mentioning Ritter on a few occasions!

As the old saying goes pictures or it didn’t happen. People like pictures, we use them heavily in our blog that is the center of our website. Since making our front page a blog that has a daily entry (most of the time) we went from having 100-200 hits per season to 100-200 hits per day (during build season) on average.

Yes, we are working on that. Perhaps some video as well, it’s just a matter of me not getting to focused in on what I’m doing and forgetting to take a picture or two.

I had tried putting some pictures up, but unfortunately my phone camera quality isn’t all that. We should have some nice pictures up within a few days here, so stay patient.

Also, I have met Mr. Ritter on a few different occasions, as my dad is friends with him. Having him check it out will be great, so thank you for that!

Blog will be getting an update soon, with pictures!