Team 20 2014: Eclipse

Our official reveal video:
And the robot:

Our premiere night video is located here:

We’ll be competing at the New York Tech Valley Regional and the Finger Lakes Regional this year.
Good luck to all teams competing tomorrow!

Good job guys. I love it. Good luck at your competitions.

For some reason somebody made the video private. I’ll work on getting it back up as soon as possible.

Sorry for the technical difficulties. You can view our full reveal here, or our premiere night reveal here.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you at the competition!

Great job guys, I love the shooter!
Glad you could get Jon in there

I love the robot! Your tubing organization is stellar, and the shooter is awesome!

One question for you: where did you get the black springs powering the shooter?

How do you get the the variability of the shot? You can go from in front of the white line to the a decent distance away and still make it which is super awesome!

It’s Looking awesome!
Can’t wait to see it perform on the field!::safety::

Thanks! I believe they’re giant torsion springs from a snowblower or something. We found a few in our closet from a long time ago and then found a store somewhere in Troy that happened to have these springs in them. They were not particularly easy to find.

We call it a sweet spot shooter. It has one set shot (pulling the winch all the way back), and it can hit in a large area. The idea is since the goals are very large, a long and flat shot with the shot apex just barely making it in creates a very large area where you can shoot from.

Thanks! TVR is going to be a wild competition.

Something we tried at the practice field this past weekend with the practice bot!:
We’re totally ready for Overdrive!](Photo Storage)

Love it. Good luck guys.