Team 20 Help Desk

Hello Chief Delphi Users!

Team 20 will be beginning our global outreach program this Thursday, October 18th 2018. Throughout the preseason (up until kickoff) we will be broadcasting the lessons we give to our new students for use by teams around the world who are lacking support, lost a mentor, or simply wish to see how a 28 year old team introduces new members to FIRST. The videos will be streamed and posted on our YouTube channel which can be found at this link:
Topics covered include: programming, assembly, machining, electrical, business, safety, scouting, creation of android applications, and prototyping.

In addition, if you have any questions specific to your team or about our program feel free to email

Will you guys post on CD whenever a new video is uploaded?

Of course! I’ll post when we upload a new video and what topic it’s on.

Considering that 2791 probably wouldn’t exist (and definitely wouldn’t be nearly as successful) if it weren’t for a ton of help from 20 over the years, I think it may be worth a watch.

Love y’all <3

Thank you for the good word Brian! We can’t wait to extend our teaching outside of the teams in our community.

I apologize to anyone who wished to view our stream tonight on installing visual studio and print lines, but we had some technical difficulties. I will be streaming this lesson on Sunday at 2:30 to make up the lesson. Thank you for understanding.

Saturday at 2:30 EST

I just posted a video about how to solve the java runtime not found error in Visual Studio.

I posted a video on variables and if statements in Java. Later this week I will be teaching methods and the basic concept of object oriented programming. Thank you all for your support! The channel is:

Thank you for posting these videos!


Hello everybody! I apologize for taking so long to start uploading again, we got very busy right before build season started here on Team 20! I just posted a video on basic method structure and will be releasing another on the basic concepts of object oriented programming shortly. Thank you for your support!