Team 20 Rocketeers

A little bit of the new and improved Rocketeers

See you all in Atlanta

:eek: Wow! Awesome bot! Glad that the capital region of New York will be so well represented at Championships, now that you guys won’t be wasting all your Thursday time on helping that pesky North Colonie team :rolleyes:

Best of luck to you guys in Newton!

WOW! that looks great! You guys are going to be a serious threat to others in your division. great ball magnet, great kicker, great drivers, and a crab drive to boot. You’ve got it all. Congratulations, and see you in Atlanta!

Sweet! Best ball magnet I’ve seen!

You sure will attract some attention in Newton, if you have’t already! The bot looks great! Those long-range accurate kicks aren’t too common :smiley:

Best of luck!

Nice job, Team 20. Team 16 is looking forward to being your pit neighbor in Newton.

Thanks for all of the positive feedback…And we are looking forward to having 16 as pit mates too!

It was great working and winning with you guys at WPI… too bad we are not in the same division in Atlanta. Good luck, the improvements looks awesome!

Wow, that’s an impressive machine.

I love the use of the swerve drive and how your drivers seem to handle it very well. That drive combined with your ball possessor should make you a very strong contender at the Championship.

Thanks everyone! Any video, (promo, competition, etc.) post it on Newton or on the showcase. It is a good way to show what you can do with the lack of available video this year.

Good luck everyone and I can’t wait to see everyone’s solution to Breakaway this year!