Team 20: The Rocketeers - 2015 Reveal

Team 20, The Rocketeers, would like to introduce our 2015 robot:

Reveal video:

Team 20 and Atlas will be competing at the Tech Valley Regional in week 4 and Finger Lakes in week 5; please comment with any questions you may have. Good luck to all teams at the competitions!

Wow, looks great guys, as usual!

I don’t have the words to describe how amazing this is.

Impressive robot guys! :smiley:

Very cool. What are those gearboxes on your drivetrain made out of?

Just a comment, I’m surprised how closely the intake designs (polycord, BaneBots wheels, etc.) of our two teams converged:

They’re actually VexPro clamping gearboxes set up as a two stage reduction. The cantilevered wheel shaft is similar to that of a WCD. The white covers are 3d printed housings to keep the grease in and those pesky carpet fibers out :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh okay, interesting solution with the gearboxes, the housing looks really cool though. If you guys could make that with the gearbox attached to it, I could see that being sold someday.

Great idea with shooting the totes!

That’s something we might look into! It probably wouldn’t be feasible to have them printed in large quantities, but injection molding could be an option.

We don’t intend to have a practical use for it, however we just couldn’t let FIRST break it’s streak of shooting games :smiley:

Fantastic work! Best robot I’ve seen so far.

Can you explain the tray that slides into the robot at 1:38? It looks like something to hold a stack of totes, but it seems the arms/elevator already does that?

I wonder if it has something to do with the step?

It seems like the right height…


Nice alliance possibilities. Looking forward to a close-up at Tech Valley Regional.

The tray’s main function is at the human player station, where we use it to ensure that the tote will land in the orientation we want it to every time we load.

It’s actually used for stacking from the HP station. The totes slide in from the chute and onto the tray, similarly to how some teams use a first tote to line up for their stack. We also found some other convenient uses for it, like straightening out containers in our forklift.

edit: Audrey beat me to it :slight_smile:

Have you encountered any problems consistently strafing (driving in the direction of your forklift) with significant weight being held by the lift (3 or more totes)? I know that was a possible issue with mecanums this year, having uneven weight distribution, but I was curious as your robot would have to always strafe if you wanted to travel forward.

Great bot! And I like the tote shot (shoot? chute?).

We have some boss programmers this year. That and the robot doesn’t really need to strafe much once its carrying big stacks.

Tote shot? No, chute door.

ooooooh I like that.

As usual, a stunning robot. Well done!!!

Hope to be on the same side of the field at TVR.

See you all in a few weeks.