Team 2021

Heres are robot last weekend before the elevator was mounted and powered.

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

OMFG!!! I love the elevating design (mostly because it looks like a RAGE inspired lift-elevating design). Are you making any use of the IGUS cables in the KOP?

All I have to say: Watch out Richmond?

PS: Are you guys going to the National Building Museum scrimmage?

I love rookie teams who come up with simple designs. =)

I don’t believe there is a national building museum scrimmage this year. I know there is still display (for Vex at least) going on there on saturday, but no scrimmage to my knowledge. There is a scrimmage at McKinley High School (in DC) on Sunday though. Not sure if it’s too late to sign up, you should have your mentor contact DCRobotics about it.

That may be the scrimmage. I won’t be there in person, but I remember the days of the NBM scrimmages.

We were planning on going to the scrimmage but due to weather we couldnt meet Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday which means we need a few more days to finish up.

We will not being using the Igus cable carrier as the motor is at the bottom for the elevator and the claw doesn’t require a motor. But just in case, I have a few extra Igus cable carriers since its fun to play with :stuck_out_tongue: