Team 2039's 2015 Robot Reveal

Team 2039 Rockford Robotics is proud to reveal our 2015 robot,A.L.F.I.E.
(Articulated Lift For Intense Entertainment).
We look forward to seeing all of the designs at the Midwest and Central Illinois Regionals

Looking good, with both the bot and the video quality. See you at Wisconsin! :smiley:

That’s a wonderful video.
Is the weight of the totes actually offset by the electronics? That’s really good.

Looks like they opted to go to Central Illinois over Wisconsin.

Awesome robot and video none the less!

Yes we chose to use the electronics as a counterweight, it works really well.

Sadly we won’t be at Wisconsin, after the fun we had at Central last year we decided to attend Central over Wisconsin. Best of luck to you guys

Oh, that’s too bad. Well, good luck to you too!